Allmänna villkor

1.1 General information

Made by Märtha AB, reg. no. 556887-0298 (Made by Märtha) is a Swedish limited company with address Belevägen 6, SE-182 64 Djursholm, Sweden. Made by Märtha’s e-mail address is: Made by Märtha markets and sells handmade fabric notice boards, furniture and other interior items (the Products) on Made by Märtha’s Web Site (the Web Site or the Web Shop), and at the offices of Made by Märtha.

These terms and conditions apply for the marketing and selling of the Products through the Web Shop and, in applicable parts, for the marketing and selling of the Products at the offices of Made by Märtha. They also apply in relevant parts for the users/visitors of the Web Site.

1.2 Delivery and shipping

Delivery time is – from the date of the order – up to 14 days for orders in Sweden, up to 21 days for orders to other EU countries and up to 45 days for orders outside the EU. Longer delivery times for a particular Product may be stated from time to time in the Web Shop.

The customer has the right to cancel an order in case of delay. Made by Märtha has the right to cancel orders made due to that that required material and/or services for producing the Product is no longer available and cannot be sourced by reasonable efforts and/or at reasonable prices.

Made by Märtha will in case of a cancellation return all payments for the Product to the customer as soon as possible, and in no case later than 30 days from the date of the receipt of the cancellation.

All Products are shipped with Posten AB to the address stated by the customer (or to a pick-up point connected to the stated address and which is used by Posten). Made by Märtha has no obligation to assure that the stated address is valid. Any costs levied upon Made by Märtha due to incorrect address or failure to accept delivery will be charged to the customer.

1.3 Price and payment

The price of each Product is stated in connection with each Product as displayed in the Web Shop. The prices are subject to change and may be changed without advance notice.

Applicable shipping costs will be added to the price of the Product(s) and will be stated separately in the ordering form in the Web Shop before completing the order.

All prices for the Products are stated in SEK with VAT (mervärdesskatt) included.

Payment can be made by credit card or by bank transfer only as set out in the Web Shop’s ordering form. All payments are handled and administrated by PayPal.

1.4 Right to cancel orders for Products.

The Distance and Doorstep Sales Act (2005:59) (the Act) is applicable for all purchases of Products made through the Web Shop. The customer has the right to cancel an order and return purchased Products in accordance with what is set out in chapter 2 and 5 of the Act (ångerrätt).

The customer has thus the right to cancel an order and return a purchased Product by giving or sending a notice to Made by Märtha (to any of the addresses stated in section 1.1 above) within 14 days from the receipt of the Product. The costumer has always a right to give or send the notice within 7 business days from the receipt of the Product. The customer may only use the right to cancel an order and return the Product if the Product is in materially unaltered shape.

In case the customer decides to cancel an order and return the Product, the customer shall arrange for the shipping of already shipped Product(s) to Made by Märtha’s physical address stated in section 1.1 above, and is obligated to pay for the shipping costs.

Made by Märtha will return all payments made for cancelled orders and returned Product as soon as possible following the customer’s exercise of the right to cancel an order and return the Product, and in no case later than 30 days from the date of the customer’s receipt of the Product.

For further details regarding the customer’s right to cancel orders and return Products, please see the Act in its entirety here.

1.5 The Products

Specifically about the fabric notice boards:

The fabric notice board is made solely for being used as a notice board for paper notices, small decorative items of very low weight and other similar items typically attached to a notice board.

The notice board is made only to be mounted on or leant against a wall in indoor environment. The customer must ensure that the wall mounting on the flip-side of the notce board is safely secured and in place after receipt of the notice board. The wall mounting of the notice board is only designed to bear the weight of the notice board as such including attached items of very low weight. The notice board shall only be mounted to a safe wall fixture, and shall not be mounted or placed above or next to fragile or valuable items, or above individuals (e.g. above a bed).

The notice boards are not made or suitable for childrens’ play. They contain i.a. nails and ribbons that may be hazardous for children if coming loose from the notice board.

The fabric and the ribbons of the notice board may bleach over time if placed in direct sunlight. The ribbons may come loose or become permanently elongated if an excessive amount of notices/items are attached to the notice board.

As the notice boards are handmade, the boards within the same line or model may vary slightly.

1.6 The depiction and description of the Products in the Web Shop

Made by Märtha does not guarantee that the true colors and other features of the Products are accurately reflected in the Web Shop due to the customer’s computer or monitor settings, or due to deficiencies in the depiction or the description of the Products.

1.7 Privacy policy

Made by Märtha is the administrator (personuppgiftsansvarig) of personal data with respect to the processing of the customer’s personal data supplied through the customer’s use of the Web Shop and other services of Made by Märtha. The customer has a statutory right to obtain information concerning the personal data that has been registered about the customer, and to have any inaccurate or misleading personal data corrected. In addition, upon the customer’s request, Made by Märtha shall delete all personal data Made By Märtha possesses regarding the customer. For such requests, please contact Made by Märtha on any of the addresses stated in section 1.1 above.

Made by Märtha may use all information that the customer provides in connection with the customer’s ordering and purchase of Products and otherwise when the customer visits and uses the Web Site. Made by Märtha will process personal data about the customer for the administration of all matters concerning the production, shipment and payment of Products ordered, and to provide the customer with offers and other marketing communications from Made by Märtha and from Made by Märtha’s current and future cooperating partners. Such marketing may also take place via e-mail and text messages. The data will not be disclosed to any third party except when necessary to enable processing in accordance with the purposes specified above.

By making orders for Products and/or using/visiting the Web Site, the customer consents to Made by Märtha’s processing of personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

1.8 Cookies

The Web Site uses cookies.

A cookie is a small text file, which is sent from the server connected to the Web Site and is stored by the user’s web browser. There are two kinds of cookies; persistent cookies and session cookies. Session cookies are only stored temporarily on the user’s computer and disappear when the user closes the web browser, whereas persistent cookies are stored for up to 12 months on the user’s computer.

The Web Site uses persistent cookies in order to follow the user’s navigation on the Web Site and to collect statistical data. The Web Site uses session cookies in order to enable the user to enter settings in the ordering and purchasing functions of the Web Shop. The Web Site also uses third party cookies (persistent and temporary) to collect data through analytical tools such as Google Analytics.

In the cookies, information regarding content of the shopping basket and data regarding the customer/user is stored. All cookies belong to Made by Märtha and the information obtained through the cookies will not be transferred to a third party.

In case the Web Site user does not want to accept cookies, the user’s web browser can be set to automatically deny storage of cookies, or is informed each time a web site requests to store a cookie. Through the web browser, also previously stored cookies can be erased. The user can also erase cookies manually from the user’s harddrive at any time. See the help function of the web browser for more information. Should the user decide not to accept cookies, certain functionalities of the Web Site and other web sites may be limited.

By using and visiting the Web Site, the user/customer consents to Made by Märtha’s use of cookies as described above.

1.9 Complaints

All complaints regarding a Product shall be sent to Made by Märtha by using any of the addresses stated in section 1.1 above.

1.10 Miscellaneous

Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to order any Products without their legal guardian’s previous consent. Made by Märtha reserves the right not to accept, or to cancel, an order in case the customer’s age – in Made by Märtha’s own opinion – is in doubt.

All costs for contacts with Made by Märtha for the purpose of ordering Products or otherwise, whether through Made by Märtha’s Web Site, by telephone, by e-mail, by regular mail or otherwise, shall be borne by the user/customer.

The customer uses the Products on its own risk. Made by Märtha does not render any other warranty or representation regarding the Products other than what is explicitly set out in these terms and conditions.

The customer visits and uses the Web Site on its own risk. Made by Märtha shall have no liability whatsoever for any damage caused to the customer’s computer hardware, software or other equipment due to viruses, worms or similar contracted from the Web Site.

Swedish law shall apply to these terms and conditions and to all purchases of Products. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be settled in a Swedish court of general jurisdiction.